Innovation is said to be a choice that stems from having a great passion for something. We couldn’t agree more.

At LiveWell, we’re motivated by our passion for health and well-being. This passion drives us to push the boundaries of knowledge to offer patients and consumers the best products on the market.

Our spirit of innovation fuels our decisions and daily performance at all levels.

Previously, prohibitive regulations limited research on cannabis. That’s why we are excited by the world of opportunities now open to us.

To expand our position as an industry leader, we’re currently conducting studies to leverage the full value of innovation. By combining the knowledge of the best researchers and experts around four pillars of innovation, we can determine the health and wellness needs of citizens.

Our research and innovation pillars include:

  • Process optimization
  • Clinical practice
  • Plant sciences
  • Product development

We are developing hemp and cannabis organic products to meet the new and unmatched standards we’ve set for ourselves and which will become a benchmark in this new industry.